Armenia’s Soviet Past

Armenia’s Soviet Past

duration: 5 days / 4 night

price from usd 203 /person

The tour offers a first hand experience and unbiased presentation of Armenia’s communist legacy. It includes Soviet era modernist architecture, underground arts, stories of repressions and creation, and much more.



duration: 5 days / 4 night

best season: spring / fall

start / end point: yerevan

meals: upon request

family friendly: yes

day 1: greeting at the airport – transfer to yerevan – hotel check in

arrival – greeting at the airport – transfer to yerevan – hotel check in – free time in yerevan

day 2: soviet yerevan city-tour (architecture, hidden gems and experiences) – alexander tamanyan museum

the day starts with the soviet yerevan city tour, where you can witness legacy of armenia’s communist past presented through modernist architecture, art, local habits and stories by the guide. besides the standard central yerevan sightseeing you will see the hidden gems of armenia’s capital, remains of soviet way of life and how things have changed in recent decades. later that day you visit the museum of the prominent architect alexander tamanyan, who reconstructed the city since the 20th century during the early soviet period.

day 3: lake sevan and communist resort area tour – sergei parajanov museum – gum market

the day starts with one hour drive to one of the largest fresh water mountain lakes in the world, sevan. here you will hear the story about how communist policies damaged the ecosystem and brought to over 20 meters decrease of water in the lake. you also visit soviet-era sanatorium, famous writers’s union building, as well as the medieval sevanavank monastery located in now peninsula. during the second part of the day you visit sergei parajanov museum, where you enjoy the unmatched creativity of parajanov’s art and hear the story of this unique art film director, artist and genius, repressed by communist authorities. after that you go to the gum market where groceries are sold the same way since the 20th century.

day 4: khor virap monastery – resort town of jermuk – areni wine region

after the breakfast the trip towards soviet favorite spa-resort town jermuk begins with a stop at the khor virap monastery, which is also the closest point to the mount ararat and offers a spectacular view. reaching jermuk you will see the public ‘galleria’ of hot natural mineral water fountains, famous waterfall, communist era sanatoriums, etc. on the way back you stop near the areni village, famous with wine making and excavations of the oldest found winery in the world. after the excursion in the factory you have opportunity to taste local home-made wines.

day 5: garni tample – geghard monastery (4-5 h) – transfer to the airport and departure

for the last day you still have a half-day excursion to 2 of the must-see sights in armenia, recognized as world heritage sights by unesco – garni pagan temple and geghard monastery. you also stop by the famous charents arc and listen to the story of prominent armenian poet and soviet dissident eghishe charents. transfer to the airport and departure

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