Adventures In Armenia

Adventures In Armenia


Armenia had once been one of the most powerful empires in Asia, which had control over the countries lied between the Caspian and the Mediterranean seas. So, if you plan to begin a journey around the world, don’t hesitate to start your adventures in Armenia, which will guarantee 100% impressions. Pass your way through:

  • the gorgeous mountains,
  • the oldest churches,
  • extinct volcanoes,
  • deep canyons,
  • wine growing regions.

All the must-to-see sights in Armenia for each traveler are as follows:

  • Mount Ararat
  • Lake Sevan
  • Garni Pagan Temple
  • Geghard Cave Monastery
  • The holy city of Echmiadzin

Go on with your tour to discover biblical lands of ancient palaces, cities and towns with chequered histories.  After try to venture to spectacular rock formations of Armenia. Then find  hotels nearby to spend a day or two, then complete your journey in Yerevan, the capital city  of Armenia, and the most amazing city in the world, the most safest place to wander at summer nights .
A tour to Armenia basicly includes the following most important things for a traveler:

  • accommodation in 3-star hotels
  • best available hotels in remote towns
  • local sightseeing and entrance fees to monuments of Yerevan
  • Russian, English or other European language speaking guides
  • transfers from and to the airport
  • assistance in arranging visas to Western Armenia (in case you choose a tour to Western Armenia)

Drive through Tatev village, to Vorotan Canyon, which is the deepest canyon in Armenia with 1 km depth, and with the Devil’s  Bridge just at the bottom of the canyon. This is an amazing geological monument, built on the Vorotan river. After visiting the Devil’s Bridge, take your direction to Tatev Monastery, which is calmly located just on the very edge of Vorotan Canyon. Tatev Monastery is considered to be one of Medieval Armenia’s most prominent religious, educational and cultural centers.

KARAHUNGE – the local Stonehenge is one of Armenia’s popular sights to visit. It is believed to be an ancient observatory, which dates about 7500 years back. It is said to have been a worship for ancient Armenians.

The next stop will be the spa and resort town Jermuk, which is located approximately 2200 m above the seal level. Jermuk attracts tourists with:

  • mountains and rich forests
  • spa centers
  • fresh breath of nature
  • peaceful atmosphere of Armenian mountains

Jermuk, as a travel destination, attracts:

  • numerous tourists from all over the world
  • holiday makers
  • native people from different parts of Armenia.

It’s considered a special place to:

  • relax
  • improve your health
  • drink and take baths with special mineral water  of Jermuk

The Mineral Water Gallery and waterfall in Jermuk Canyon are the next destinations in Jermuk. After this take your tour to Noravank monastery. The monastery is located on the gorge of Noravank with its magical natural beauty of multi-colored rocks.

  • The tour route will end up in Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. The itinerary will include: exploration of Erebouni fortress
  • the museum of Urartu period
  • the Manuscript Museum, hosting the biggest depository of ancient manuscripts in the world
  • the Victory Park, the cradle of Mother Armenia statue
  • several Food Markets where you will  be able to find a variety of organic food, fruits and vegetables

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