Holiday In Armenia

Holiday In Armenia


Armenia has all the potential to be included among top tourism destinations in the world. Armenian Highland as the cradle of civilization has left us such historical values which are unique over the world and do not have their replica. We have values to demonstrate to all tourists having their holiday in Armenia with the intention of exposing a new world.

Having resided in Armenian Highland since the onset of its history the Armenian people have passed through all historic eras and have left a great historical-archaeological heritage:

  • town-like settlements,
  • temples,
  • monuments of architecture,
  • art pieces, etc.

The artifacts dating back to Early and Middle Bronze centuries claim the high level of the development of jewelry, silversmithing, pottery and other crafts.

Stones have always been the silent witnesses of our history and when the skilled hands of our ancestors touched them, they turned into monuments, dragons, birds, and later to “embroidery” graceful cross-stones. The true business cards of our culture, tens of thousand cross-stones (khachkars in Arm.) in the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage erect in almost every corner throughout Armenia to eternalize significant historical events. These elegant stone embroideries have always symbolized the maintenance of Christianity and cultural revival of Armenia.

The countryside of Armenia with its unique deep gorges, erecting high cliffs and medieval monasteries makes an ideal perfection of architectural structures and forms seen in the panorama of fabulous nature. Arrange eco tours in Armenia to enjoy the views of picturesque nature environment and rocks:

1.Set up your camp,

2.Explore the neighborhood,

3.See and take photos of endangered animals listed in the Red Book (Muflon, Bezoar Goat)

4.Make a fire and cook dinner,

5.Spend overnight in tents at the camp.

Cable cars and ropeways may enable you to experience the ways crossed from a bird flight. Lodging in countryside inns, you will relax around tonir and lavash baking spiced with Armenian renowned hospitality.

Places to be in Armenia:

  • Sevan – One of the most beautiful sights of Armenia is Lake Sevan with its aquamarine smile. It is not surprising that all the tourists who visit Armenia for the first time, do their best to be in Lake Sevan and to admire “The Pearl of the Country” embraced in mountains. Sevan is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, so it is genuinely considered the pride and natural wealth of Armenia and all Armenians. Sevan peninsula since ancient times has been a sanctuary, a place of pilgrimage. Sevan is so beautiful that people want to float into it.
  • Lastiver, where you may find yourself embraced in the alpine forests of Ijevan- Experience the air of Ijevan as you trek down the Canyon to Lastiver fall and back along the pagan caves. Unbelievably pure and transparent air and deep canyon filled with quiet valleys leave an overwhelming impression.