Trekking In Armenia

Trekking In Armenia


Armenian highland with its mountain peaks creates marvelous sights; from lavish forests to untouched rocks. Our ancestors put soul into the mountains and rivers, to Mt. Ararat, Aragats and Ara, as well as Araks River. It is impossible not to notice that all the names listed above, as well as a number of words like the sun (“Arev” in Arm.) contain the root “Ar” in them meaning to Create (“Ararel” in Arm.).

Discover the surrounding and ancient traces of civilization with our specialized guides.Tour agencies in Armenia are here to offer trekking tours for all levels and difficulties. Take the challenging adventure to admire the majestic scenery of the countryside.

Places to visit:

1.Trekking in Armenia will take you to one of four peaks of Aragats Mt., – Lake Kari- Fortress Amberd – Among many destinations in Armenia; the true jewel for trekkers is the peak of Mount Aragats (4091m). It is the highest point of the South Caucasus. Aragats is a huge mount of volcanic origin, with 4 peaks at diameters of 200 km.

  • We take a trip to the slopes of Mount Aragats, at a close distance to the capital Yerevan. To the north-west of Byurakan, at an altitude of 2300m, on a high plateau of triangular shape spectacular Amberd fortress of medieval times surrounded by deep canyons on its three sides  is erected with its inaccessible towers, arches and turrets, (it is called “Fortress in the Clouds”, built in 7th-13th centuries).
  • Then we drive to the lake Kari (3200 m above sea level). At the height of 3000m, you may meet shepherd taking their horses and sheep to fertile pastures. Short stop at the lake where the challenging steep climbing to the peak of the mountain begins.

2.Summit Azhdahak at 3597m high, Geghama Mountain range- Passing Selim Caravanserai (13-14th centuries, one of the main centers on “Silk Road”), we tour through rocky canyons and misty rivers flowing through the volcanic rocks. Crossing Sulema Mountain Pass (2420 m) we get the view on Lake Sevan, surrounded by volcanic highlands. On Small Lake Sevan there was a small rocky island once in the past, which has become a peninsula as a result of lowering the level of lake water over time.

3.Khustup Mountain (3206m), soaked in clouds is in of the hardest mountains to climb in Armenia. It may take the mountaineer at least 2 days to overcome the obstacles of 6 steep rocky elevations, but the reward of the views is worth it.

4.Enjoy a final day of trekking over Ara Mountain (2577m). It is a panoramic trekking in Armenia of moderate difficulty. This challenging trek will reward you with breathtaking views of flourished meadows. Travel across high passes and valleys, recharging at night with delicious mountain cuisine in a primary lodging.