Hiking In Armenia

Hiking In Armenia

Time To Organize Hiking In Armenia To Discover The Unique Jewel Of  The Caucaus

The best way to get more deeply familiar with our historical values is to explore the countryside. Trekking in Armenia will make a more sophisticated impression than simply showing the fascinating scenery of the location. The professional English-speaking guides will make your tours as informative as possible. Organizers of tours are equipped with all the necessary technical means to provide the safety of group members. The hiking trails pass not far from rural areas.

Some of the famous itineraries of hiking in Armenia include:

1.Khor Virap, Areni, Jermuk, Noravank, Kechut reservoir

  • Trip to Ararat Valley. We visit the Monastery Khor Virap close to Turkey border, on the banks of Araks River. The Monastery is considered a holy pilgrimage place for all believers. There you admire a breathtaking panoramic view on the Mount Ararat (5165 m) and entire Ararat Valley.
  • Then tour to the village Areni, which is famous for its grapes fields. Here tourists can have wine tasting and participate in the traditional baking ritual of Armenian Lavash. The Archaeologists discovered the oldest Winery complex here in 2007.
  • Next route takes us to Jermuk, a resort-town located in the southern province of Armenia. It has been famous for rich mineral waters since ancient times. Jermuk lies in the heart of forests 2080m above the sea level separated into two parts by Arpa river gorge. Right here Jermuk’s 72m high fascinating waterfall resembling Mermaid’s hair flows into Arpa river.
  • Finally, the route passes through Vayots Dzor, a picturesque gorge of Arpa River to the Monastery Noravank (12th-15th centuries) and Kechut reservoir.

2.Tatev Monastery, Ancient Observatory “Karahundj” (Stonehenge), Devil’s bridge –

  • We take Goris highway and tour to the Stone Observatory “Karahundj” – “Zorats Karer” (Stones in Arm.). Another evidence of ancient civilization, Karahunj leads us back to the 6th millennium BC. These stones set at an exact distance from each other have holes made on them, which served on the purpose of telescope. It is to prove that our ancestors had the imagination of the constellations, stars and galactic alignment. Archeologists also found similar structures in Europe, the English Stonehenge (2nd millennium BC), French Carnac, Irish Newgrange.
  • We continue our tour to the fortified Tatev Monastery (9 -11th centuries) hovering above the natural canyon edge and seems to be the continuation of the canyon. Today Tatev’s charm seems to have doubled. Tourists from different corners of the world visiting Tatev, are enhanced with the opportunity to cross over Vorotan gorge by 5.7 km-long air-tram “Wings of Tatev” and enjoy the real mystery of Zangezur nature. Traveling here one may hold his breath and feel spiritual rise.

After dinner under the open sky, we take a walk down to Harants Anapat in Vorotan Canyon with 18 m-high Shaqe waterfall. An untouched natural miracle- rocky formation “Devil’s Bridge” occurs in front of us, where you can bathe in thermal spring waters.