Yerevan City Tour

Yerevan City Tour

Yerevan City Tour With All Its Fascination

Dating back nearly 2800 years, Yerevan – the capital city of Republic of Armenia,. This old, but at the same time modern city attracts the tourists with its fabulous sights. Thus GreenWay travel agency offers the most extraordinary Yerevan city tours for tourists vacations. Here the tour packages our company offers, feature unique opportunity  to experience Yerevan with all its beauty, discovered and undiscovered sights to see. Look through the tour packages, choose the one or design your own tour in Yerevan city. Feel free to:

  • ask any question disturbing you
  • order a brochure for Yerevan sights
  • inquire about the terms and conditions GreenWay  travel implies
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The most inspiring Yerevan City tour includes:

  • introduction with Armenian manuscripts decorated by old and medieval painters
  • exploration of traditional houses alongside with modern and stylish skyscrapers
  • visiting all the places of interest Yerevan city offers to its tourists

Being the pearl of Armenia, Yerevan is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe, is inhabited mostly with Armenians. The city is an old, and at the same time a modern one, with stylish and cozy cafes, shady parks, trending restaurants, and dancing fountains just at the middle of city central, the Republic Square. The Yerevan City tour also starts with:

  • the Victory Park with an eye to the whole city from above a steep hight.
  • the Cascade, a colossal white stairwell built in late 1970’s and reconstructed the latest 10 years, with water fountains from the sides
  • the Cafesjian Center of the Arts
  • the Opera House area with its cosy cafes and restaurants
  • the Matenadaran, the above-mentioned museum of ancient and medieval illustrated manuscripts within their glass cases
  • the Republic Square with the National Art gallery visit
  • the Railway Station area with the statue “David of Sasoun”
  • the Erebouni Fortress, where according to the history, the birthplace of Yerevan city is
  • the Tsitsernakaberd Monument, Armenian Genocide Museum commemorating the 1915’s Genocide of Armenians in western Armenia.

Thinking why to choose GreenWay travel for your holidays in Yerevan? There can be thousands of reasons for partnering and making friends with our company, but still we will try to bring forward serveral most important advantages our company, differing from the others:

  • Here with you can choose the guide you prefer, or even with no guide
  • Prices are comparably affordable than you might  think
  • Each of the tours are tailor-made and private
  • Go-your-pace tours according  to your wish
  • Flexible time schedule
  • Access the places you want, where previously you can’t do with a strict bus schedule
  • Customized tours
  • Reliable and very friendly staff and support team.

From now on, be pleased to get informed about the tour packages, the specific attributes they may include, the timetable, the availability of other services and more other useful and additional information.