Eco Tours In Armenia

Eco Tours In Armenia


During recent years, Armenia is becoming more and more popular for cyclists. Its renowned healing spring waters attracted settlers here back in the Stone Age. Eco Tours in Armenia is a great chance to taste the fruits and vegetables grown in the fertile soil of Armenian highland. With over 250 days of sunshine in a year, they get the most genuine and sweetest taste. Mineral healing spring waters, fresh mountain air and sweet flavors of Armenian fruits and honey are the secrets of longevity and smartness of Armenian people.

Eco Tours in Armenia contains a wide range of leisure activities to choose:

  • Different sport games and competitions for amateurs (distance running and walking, climbing with a rope, crossing the rivers tied up on a rope, sailing on the lake),
  • Relaxing in tents, sunbathing around lakes in the fresh mountainous air,
  • Learning Armenian national dances, baking bread and lavash (Armenian thin bread) with local dwellers,
  • Calling on the local villagers’ houses, getting acquainted with their primitive lifestyle and self-sufficient housekeeping,
  • Bird watching, meeting a gaggle of geese and flock of sheep on your way, etc..

Find the real treasures for your best holiday in Armenia visiting

  • Dilijan
  • Ijevan
  • Goris

1.Dilijan– Nowadays Dilijan has the reputation of spa resort center for its fresh forest air, moderate climate and healing mineral water springs. At present, Dilijan and its surrounding areas are located in “Dilijan” National Park. The forest with thick oak trees, beautiful meadows and abundant flowers approaches the shoreline of Parz Lake (or “Clear Lake” in Arm.) and the huge trees bowed to the lake are reflected in its mirror-like surface. The nature absorbs all the anxiety and calms the excitement of urban travelers in this marvelous land.

2.Ijevan – Small and picturesque town Ijevan is located in the valley of River Aghstev has babbling streams and springs, thick forests with an abundance of medical herbs, varied wildlife and mysterious caves. Hospitable and skillful people in Ijevan maintained their lifestyle and traditions of creating wonderful folk art products; rugs, tapestries, lace goods, wood products and much more. Tourists can also participate in the manufacturing of these goods.

3.Goris – Picturesque town of Goris was built by a German architect in the 19th century in the valleys of Vararakn River. The outlines of social, industrial, cultural and other buildings add their charm to the town. For adventure lovers, dreamers and romantics “Rock Forest” is one of the gems of Goris. It is the magical result of stormy winds over millenniums stretching on a green forest valley surrounded by rocky pyramids and sharp pillars longing to the sky.

At the end of the day, try relaxing on the piles of dry hays. Feel the breakthrough and get enchanted by the magical sounds of Armenian duduk played by local villagers. Hand-made carpets knit of natural paints may touch your soul while being accommodated in the inns or hotels countryside of Armenia.